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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the likely return on investment?
  • How secure is it?
  • What support will there be?
  • What about data back-up?

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Features And Benefits

  • Personnel, training & payroll
  • Automated rostering
  • Paperless delivery of care (mobile workforce)
  • Real time online client access & reporting
  • Automated invoicing and billing

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Rostering tools & data. It'll blow your mind.

The key task for all homecare agencies. Now made simple. Automated work allocation. Avoiding the risks and stress of daily manual shuffles.

  • Allocate calls with one click
  • Exception report dashboard
  • Drag and drop tools
  • Overview shedules on a calendar
  • Nudge calls with a click
  • Overview calls on a map in real time
  • Check capacity by 15 minute slot
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Client tools & data See for yourself.

All care revolves around the client. Accurate records are critical. The ability to store documents and view securely online. Let authorised family members see what’s going on in real-time. Check notes and get alerts whilst on the move.

  • Demographic details of client and close family
  • Call history and feedback
  • Document management
  • Client's carer preferences
  • Clinical records & alerts
  • Facilitate family member login

Carer tools & data Mobile workforce - automated admin

Your carers don’t like paper, it slows them down. It needs storing and lots of office support. So introduce mobile workforce tools. Let them see what’s coming up. What’s been done. What’s been earned. And what is urgent or needs attention – all in real-time. Track your workforce on a dynamic map. Capture irrefutable results data.

Everything you need – in one place – always accessible – wherever you are:

  • Carer's skills details
  • Carer's training record
  • Carer's training documents
  • Renewal reminders for training and documentation
  • Carer's Hours, rates and availability
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Validation & recording Create evidence without paper

Care agencies have to cope with lots of regulation. Keep records. Prove their competence. Evidence their behaviour.
Now this becomes an automated task. The system records locations, times, dates – all a matter of fact.

  • Auto-allocate calls to carers
  • Calls received without paper - on the move
  • Calendar of work - viewed online
  • Client signature, picture evidence and more
  • Time stamps and map coordinates captured
  • Add and move notes
  • Capture reason codes and task results

Finance output & data Automated payroll & invoicing

We know how complex it can be, making sure every minute is paid for and every second is invoiced. How easy it can be to make mistakes too. So we have taken the strain out of the financial aspects, so you can focus on delivering care.

  • Accurate detail of every call
  • Clear supporting evidence
  • Capture any over-stays
  • Manage variable contract pricing in the system
  • Output clear, accurate invoices
  • Track trends and report on history with a click
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Configuration as required Putting you in total control.

You won't need any support or specialist help when your business grows, or your prices change. All aspects of UNIQUS® Homecare can be tailored to suit your needs by you. And changed when you want to. Added to as required. Expanded to cope with growth. Adapted to deal with change.

  • Contracts are easily setup
  • Call codes and types are created/edited
  • Call costs are configured and adjusted
  • Call durations are managed with a click
  • Call types can be added and amended
  • Staff can be added or blocked
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